Why Did Never-Married Lawrence of Arabia Wear Bridegroom’s Robes?

Hint: The white silk and gold Arab robes were a gift

“The real Bedouin robes presented to T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia” by mharrsch, licensed CC BY 2.0

A Gift from Emir Feisal:

The white silk and gold-threaded robes were a gift from Emir Feisal, one of the leaders of the Arab Revolt and the future king of Iraq. A great aunt had gifted the robes to Feisal, perhaps with a particular bride in mind. But why did Feisal give them to Lawrence?

T.E. Lawrence dressed in white Arab robes. Source: With Lawrence in Arabia, 1919 (public domain)
Ashmolean video featuring Lawrence’s bridegroom robes.

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