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A Majority of Voters Support the Relief Package: Congressional Republicans Voted Unanimously Against It

A sizable majority of American voters (70 percent) — including both Republicans and Democrats — support the COVID relief package (the so-called American Rescue Plan), according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. The legislation includes stimulus checks of up to $1400 for most Americans, as well as aid for businesses, state and local governments, and COVID relief programs. About 28 percent of Americans oppose the measure.

Congressional Republicans unanimously voted against the $1.9 trillion relief package. Despite that, Democrats narrowly managed to pass the bill…

Hint: The white silk and gold Arab robes were a gift

“The real Bedouin robes presented to T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia” by mharrsch, licensed CC BY 2.0

T.E. Lawrence’s life story lingers some 100 years after the Arab Revolt (1916–18) and is intertwined with legend and myth. He is remembered for leading Bedouin tribesmen on raids to dynamite Turkish trains in the desert. He was also an Oxford-trained archeologist, a diplomat and a gifted writer. Detractors call him a publicity-craving poser who claimed credit for Arab achievements. Some of Lawrence’s public story is true, some is not, and some is a matter of opinion. But the white silk robes were real, and the improbable story of their origin is true.

A Gift from Emir Feisal:

The white silk and gold-threaded robes were…

A reconstruction of the iconic Sutton Hoo helmet, which was unearthed shattered into hundreds of pieces (Shutterstock image)
Trailer courtesy of Netflx

Remember the Vikings, the fierce seafaring Norse people of the late 8th through the 11th centuries? The ones known as much for pillaging Britain and Ireland as for their amazing seamanship in longships?

Before the famous Viking warriors though, there were early Anglo Saxons, also descended from Scandinavians and also ferocious fighters with longships. The Anglo-Saxons were conquerors, as well as raiders, who took advantage of a power vacuum created when the Romans left Britain in the 5th century. The Suffolk coast of England was one of the areas they settled.

Some historians suggest that the…

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